The Recipe for Homemade Four Loko

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s been over a year since FOUR LOKO was banned from the market for, ya know, making people go CRAZY.  Well, just in time for SPRING BREAK, we’ve go the recipe for homemade Four Loko.  DISCLAIMER:   You probably shouldn’t make this stuff.  It’s incredibly dangerous to mix this much caffeine and this much alcohol into something that tastes like juice.  Like, potentially deadly.  But if you want to try it, here’s how you make it . . .

#1.)  Put a tablet of Berocca into a large jar.  Berocca is a tablet, like Airborne or Alka Seltzer, that just went on sale here in the U.S.  It contains caffeine, guarana, and lots of other ingredients that are used in energy drinks.

#2.)  Add four ounces of 80-proof vodka.

#3.)  After the tablet is mostly dissolved, slowly add 20 ounces of malt liquor.  Any malt liquor will do.

#4.)  Add three tablespoons of Kool-Aid mix and one tablespoon of sugar.

#5.)  Stir gently until it’s all dissolved.

It’ll taste disgusting . . . but so did Four Loko.  It’ll also get you really drunk.  This recipe is enough for TWO PEOPLE . . . do not drink it on your own.


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