Pot Smoking Mom Drives Off With Infant on Roof [Video]

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Phoenix Police Department

Phoenix Police Department

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I ain’t gonna lie, I have DRIVEN off with the following items still on top of my car:  A cake; my purse; a Big Gulp; birthday presents.  I am PROUD to say, however, that never once have I driven off with my BABY on the roof of my car.  This chick…not so much.

Meet 19-year-old Catalina Clouser, of Phoenix, Arizona.  Her hobbies include, dying her hair pink, smoking the reefer and teaching her 5-week-old son to GHOST RIDE THE WHIP.  She is also our newest contender for MOTHER OF THE YEAR  (MOTY).

On Saturday, she and her boyfriend took their baby to the park.  No, they weren’t there to push him on the swings…they were there to SMOKE OUT!  On the way from the park, to buy some BEER, baby daddy got himself a DUI.  Well, clearly, DEVASTATED that her man was now behind bars, MOTY then took her infant to a friend’s house…to SMOKE MORE WEED, then decided to drive herself home…ONLY herself.

Ya see, this moron (thankfully lucid enough to at least buckle the child into the car seat), then left him on the ROOF of the car and DROVE OFF!  Yes he plummeted to the ground, in the MIDDLE of an intersection, no…she didn’t notice…

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