Bride Busted Cheating With Best Man at Reception [Video]

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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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Dayum girl!

If you’re gonna SMASH the best man…that’s something you wanna go ahead and knock out at your BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Hoochie-mama here clearly loves living dangerously!

At her very own WEDDING RECEPTION, surveillance cameras catch the bride sneaking off for a hot and heavy make-out session in the garden of the hotel.  At first glance, one would assume the dapper dude in the tuxedo…with his TONGUE down the bride’s throat…is the groom.  He is NOT.

Nope, that is the groom’s homeboy…the BEST MAN!

Watch as they can not keep their dirty mitts off each other.  Coming around a tree, dude leans in for a kiss and is not turned down.  In fact, the bride is ALL ABOUT IT…running her fingers through his hair and grabbing his ASS, pulling him even closer!

They then walk over to a window, he SLAMS her into it, and they continue going at it!

As the usher starts to PULL DOWN her wedding dress, the bride spots the GROOM coming around the same tree!  The best man RUNS away, the bride stuffs her BOOBS back down her dress, picks up the BOUQUET she just threw on the ground and runs to meet her clueless new husband.

He takes her hand and, together, they stroll back into the reception.

Poor chump.  You sure did catch yourself a classy one.





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