Father Spanks Grown Man for Sleeping With Underage Daughter [Video]

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Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

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I dread the day my daughter is old enough to date…but not as much as the guys who are going to want to date her.

This may, in fact, be the BEST punishment EVER for a grown-ass man who decided to have SEX with a minor.

The video begins with the girl’s father laying on the ground, outside the guy’s house, demonstrating how he wants Mr. Frisky to do it.  He tells him, that he’s just going to SPANK him, that’s it…that it’s the same punishment he gave his daughter for ho’in around.  Dad says he’s not gonna kick him in the balls or punch him, just spank him.  He tells him that a lot of other people would have had him arrested.

So hot n heavy homeboy starts trying to NEGOTIATE how the spanking is gonna go down.  Saying that he’ll BEND OVER but that he’s not gonna lay down.  Dad says he doesn’t want him bending over because he doesn’t want him to SMASH his face on some bricks once the spanking begins.  When the guy continues to argue, dad says, “What, do you think I couldn’t just JUMP you right now and KICK YOUR ASS?!”

And this dude, “grown” enough to SEX a child, lays down on the ground.

The father then PULLS DOWN DUDE’S PANTS and spanks the hell out of him!  Just pummels dude’s ass!  He hits him so hard, that the dude starts trying to block the hits and squirm away like an INCH WORM.  Eventually, not being able to take it anymore, the guy CRIES and says, “STOP IT!  THAT WAS ENOUGH DUDE!”  He continues crying and says, “I’m not gonna be able to sit down dude!”

Dad then says, “Consider yourself lucky, James, you could have had RAPE charges and an ass kicking.”

Daddy and his buddy, the camera man, then get in his truck and Dad says his ring finger is swollen up.  He then asks his boy if he got the part where dude said he wouldn’t be able to sit down?


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