White Girls Can’t Twerk [Video]

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First, allow me start by saying that OF COURSE some white girls can twerk.  I am completely FASCINATED by twerking…mainly because I am not very gifted in the ass area so…I’m jealous and amazed by the mechanics.

Having said that…

OH MY GAWD BECKY LOOK AT HER attempt to teach three other white chicks how to twerk.  It’s pure comedy.

She begins by introducing herself as COBRA and states she’s TEACHING an ASS class today!!!  She says she’s been doing LOTS of tutorials and LOTS of girls have been asking her how to do it.  She gathers three seriously BUSTED bitches as her “students” (is the chick in the pink wearing her mom’s AEROBIC gear from the 80s?!) and turns on the jams, Sir Mix A Lot’s I Like Big Butts.

She starts out facing the camera for a series of hip rolls, then she says, “Okay, everybody warmed up?”  She has them turn around and the real fun begins!  She claims to be doing the BOOTY POP and the BOOTY SHAKE but, honestly, I’m not seeing a whole hell of a lot of either.  The camera makes sure to zoom in REALLY tight…so, enjoy that footage of sweaty backwards camel toes. (BLAAAAAH)

The climax comes when she places her hand above each chick’s ass and tells them to pop up into it.  “Don’t be afraid to jiggle.”  Oh yea…it’s GOLD!  They complete their “class” by going “FACE DOWN ASS UP” to the wall.  This seems to be good advice since NONE of these hoes will ever dance with an actual MAN.

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