Ocala Mom and Aunt Abandon Baby When Busted for Shoplifting [Video]

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

Mario Tama/Getty Images

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These hoes must have graduated from the CASEY ANTHONY school of parenting!

So here we have Allison Niemeyer, 19 and her 22-year-old sister Laura, casually strolling out of a Walmart in OCALA.  In the cart they’re pushing is Allison’s one-year-old BABY and the $60 worth of men’s white undershirts, a bathing suit and four women’s shirts they, allegedly, STOLE and stuffed into a diaper bag.

On the video, you can see a security guard attempting to stop them as they walk out.  Without a second thought, Allison pushes the cart, still holding her baby, at her sister and BOLTS!  Laura then pushes the cart away and she DIPS too!  You then see the sisters, running through the parking lot, with the security guard still chasing them.  A blue car then picks the girls up and…yes…the baby is still in the cart in the store!!!

Surely, once realizing they had left their BABY at Walmart, they turned themselves in and rescued the kid right?  WRONG!  They NEVER came back and were busting DANCING AT A CLUB TWO DAYS LATER!!!

They were both charged with felony child neglect and a string of other offenses.  Allison was also charged with violating her probation, as she was was supposed to be under house arrest until 2021, for her role in a  2010 home invasion while she was PREGNANT with her baby!

Cops say these chicks were among five teenagers involved in the robbery and, one of them PISTOL WHIPPED a 61-year-old man!  Laura ain’t no good girl either.  Trick has a long-ass record that includes convictions for three prior retail thefts, grand theft and uttering a forged instrument.  She was also charged with resisting a merchant in the Walmart incident.

The baby is now in custody of Florida’s Department of Children and Families.



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