Did Lil Wayne and the Illuminati Stage the Colorado Shootings [Videos]

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Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

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Woooooow!  Some people have WAAAAY too much time, and FAAAAR too many conspiracy theories!

LIL WAYNE dropped the video for My Homies Still, with BIG SEAN, a few days before crazy-ass James Holmes shot up the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  Now, some ILLUMINATI bullsh*t is being blamed for STAGING the entire thing!  Some people even went so far as to say that it was, in fact, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT who found this 24-year-old, white, PhD student and USED him to show scared citizens that ANYONE can go nuts so we MUST control GUN ownership!

Here’s what I think:  Weezy is BRILLIANT, he KNOWS that the loonies think he’s the head of this fictional Illuminati, that his success comes merely from a DEAL with the DEVIL and that he is helping the Government dumb us down so they can take control.  He PURPOSELY made his video look EXACTLY like all of the nonsense, of which, he’s accused.  Call me the devil and I”ll show you I am.  And what happened?  People FELL for it!  Now his song, which by the way did NOTHING on WiLD, is getting an INSANE resurgence due to this ridiculous comparison to unspeakable tragedy.

Having said that…check THIS out!

Someone has dissected the video for My Homies Still, scene by scene, and “explained” the Illuminati connection.  Everything from the elephant, lamb and donkey symbolism (GANESHA, the devil and the Democratic party), to a “bat girl” in a cage and dismembered mannequins (in place of people for SATANIC RITUAL DEMONSTRATIONS.)

Man, they go ALL IN, from the third eye references to breaking down the number 88.  Even HINES WARD gets demonic in their interpretation!  Oh, and check the 12 SKELETONS in the MOVIE THEATER at the end.  Don’t be surprised, by the way, to find out that the Olympics are also home to the devil’s dance with the Illuminati.

It’s entertaining stuff, no doubt, but it’s the farthest thing from reality.  In my opinion, people who claim that others’ success is a result of a deal with the devil, are merely searching for an excuse on which to blame their own failure.  Some people are talented, some people are lucky and some people are just haters.

If you want to know what the REAL Illuminati was all about CLICK HERE!!!

My Homies Still:

The Illuminati/Lil Wayne “Connection”:

wild420 Did Lil Wayne and the Illuminati Stage the Colorado Shootings [Videos]  
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