Jurors Watch [Video] of Teacher Engaging in Group Sex With Five Students

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Arlington Police Department

Arlington Police Department

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What’s the big deal?  I did group projects in high school all the time!

A Texas jury lucked out and got to watch PORN in court!  28-year-old Brittni Colleps, a former high school teacher, is accused of having sex with FOUR of her male students while another one recorded it on his cell phone.

On the video, the MARRIED teacher’s face can’t be seen but the student (being called Aaron) who allegedly filmed the after-school orgy, was able to identify a unique TRAMP STAMP on the educator’s lower back.

Aaron shared HUNDREDS of texts, most sexual in nature, during his testimony.  The two eventually agreed to meet for sex after teach texted, “You have something I want.”

Aaron stated that he had sex with the naughty teacher FIVE times, four of those smash sessions included OTHER male students.  All of the students were at least 18-years-old but, are protected by a law making it illegal for a teacher to engage in sex with students.

Teach turned away while the video was played in court.  The gang-bang, reportedly, occurred at the teacher’s home while her husband and THREE young children were out.

When asked, in court, what happened the night in question one victim replied, “We all started performing oral sex and having sexual intercourse with her.”

As for her CHUMP of a husband, who is often away serving in the military, he says:  “I hope you will not pass judgment on her because you don’t have all the facts or details according to this situation.  I want you to know I love my wife. I have loved my wife since I laid eyes on her 11 years ago. I have always supported my wife and will continue to support her through this entire ordeal.”

I don’t know what this trick has in her pants but CLEARLY it is FANTASTIC!!!


(NY Daily News)

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