Coach Resigns After High School Cheerleaders Strip at Her Sleepover [Video]

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It was supposed to be a BONDING not BONDAGE experience!!!

A female coach, from Georgia, has resigned after claims that her team of HIGH SCHOOL cheerleaders STRIPPED naked during a SLEEPOVER at her house!

The sleazy slumber party occurred in July but, has only come to light after an ASHAMED 9th grader finally told her mother about what went down.  She says,  “I’m just totally pissed off.  It’s past upset.  I’m pissed off.”

At the creepy coach’s crib, the girls played a game called “Judge and Jury” that was, supposedly, meant to be a bonding experience for the team.  According to reports, during the game — the older cheerleaders were the jury, the coach was the judge and each cheerleader was on trial.  If the girl didn’t answer the question correctly, she would have to either run laps around the school track or REMOVE an article of clothing!?  According to a school official, the teen could have their laps REDUCED if they choose to STRIP!

The girl who came forward said, about a DOZEN girls were crowded in a closet, stripped down to their panties.  She said at one point, she got a question wrong, and was told to EXPOSE herself completely.

The girl’s mother said, “What child ain’t going to try to fit in?  They telling her this is what we do every year … Y’all do this every year? Really?”

Although the parents signed permission slips for their daughters to attend the sleepover, they certainly didn’t know the sleepover was actually a STRIP CLUB!

The school refused to comment as the investigation is ongoing.



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