Cab Driver Raped by Angelina Jolie Look Alike

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Alli show ALLi ThAt GiRL
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All the MEN reading this, kindly ask the cab driver to STFU!!!!

A 34-year old married cab driver, in Romania, claims he was held at KNIFE POINT and FORCED to have SEX with a stunning Angelina Jolie look alike!

According to the “TERRIFIED” cabbie, his “ordeal” began when he dropped wanna-be Angie at her crib.  He says, “She asked me to help with her bag but when we were upstairs she got me in to her kitchen and told me she had to have sex.  I don’t think she was used to anyone saying no because she flew into a rage when I declined.  She took out a knife and forced me to undress.”

The man then claims that 30-year-old Luminita Perijoc — knife in hand — RAPED him and then threatened to KILL him if he didn’t then perform yet ANOTHER sex act with her!!!  The father of three says, “Later she still stabbed me.”

He says he only managed to escape by barricading himself in a bedroom and desperately calling the cops on his cell phone.

Ya boy was taken to the hospital with over a DOZEN stab wounds.  Police are investigating.

Raise your hand if you’re a man and you’re planning to move to Romania…





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