Rihanna’s Chest Ink Inspires Rash of Horrible Boob Tattoos [Photos]

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Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Alli show ALLi ThAt GiRL
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RIHANNA may not have gotten her TA-TAs tatted first but, Tweeting her new chest ink has inspired MANY people to share their boob work and…it AIN’T pretty!

RiRi’s new ink, she explained, is a tribute to her late grandmother:  “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart… 1 love.”  What these other people were thinking, is still quite the MYSTERY…

The first is a tribute to STAR TREK, and along with the portraits of new and old SPOCK completely covering her party puffs, is the phrase “live long and prosper.”

Making sure to cover the entire GEEK spectrum, another chick paid homage to STAR WARS with her fun bags.  Don’t these tricks know that guys, this into sci-fi, never have and never will see a pair of actual boobs?!

Another hoochie converted her breasticles into SCALES…they run all the way down to ya girl’s belly button!

One ho opted for the SIDE-BOOB tat and elected to permanently mar her naughty bits with some sort of dancing skeleton woman.

Moving on we have a tat of ATLAS the greek god but instead of holding up the heavens…he holding up some girl’s enormous JUG!

Now, this one I kinda like, chick tattooed enormous EYES above her bang bangs.  To me it says…stare at them and they’ll stare at you!!!

Someone else thought it cute to tattoo a little girl on her right milk maker.

Lastly, a MOB MAN tattooed his two DAUGHTERS on his CHESTICLES, shooting the bird!

There’s also an awful array of scary patterns and flowers…

***Warning Boobs Ahead***





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