Nude Woman Boards Train and Poses for Passenger’s [Pictures]

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Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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Now THIS will get you UP in the morning!

Passengers were STUNNED when a woman, wearing NOTHING but knee-high leather boots and a smile, boarded their subway train in Vienna.

Without saying a word the “Vienna Venus,” as she’s now been dubbed, stood in the MIDDLE of the car and remained there for several stops.

When passengers pulled out their cell phones, to snap some sexy shots, not only did the naked chick not mind —  she actually POSED for the pictures!

She then got off the train, a few stops later, without saying a word.

The metro staff have been STUDYING the pictures and the media has launched an all out campaign to track her down.  Newspapers have posted the FULL FRONTAL photos (see how America SUCKS when it comes to SEX) and are hoping readers can identify her.  One publication has even offered to feature her in an actual photo shoot!

And get this, no one is complaining that she rode the train nude — they are just surprised she chose to do it in FREEZING temperatures during a snowfall. (Again, America is so damn BACKWARDS when it comes to nudity.)

The people that work in the public transit department seem to have a sense of humor too saying, “We know that everyone has a different perception of temperature.  We do not believe that it so warm in our subways that you have to undress.”

(Daily Mail)
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