Cop Tasers Ten-Year-Old During Career Day for Not Washing Cruiser [Video]

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Now THIS is how you teach kids to RESPECT the POLICE??????????????!!!

During CAREER DAY, at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, a police officer was speaking to a class.  He, reportedly, asked some boys to CLEAN his CRUISER?!  One ten-year-old boy refused to do so.

According to the law suit, officer Chris Webb then said, “Let me show you what happens to people who don’t listen to the police,”  before shooting “two barbs into R.D.’s chest.”  The shock hit the child with 50,000 volts into his body, causing him to temporarily lose consciousness and leaving him with scarring from the Taser’s barbs.

The boy’s guardian ad litem says he now suffers post traumatic stress, “The boy has woken up in the middle of the night holding his chest, afraid he is never going to wake up again.”

The cop states that it was an “ACCIDENT!”  That he had removed the Taser cartridge, earlier, to show it to some other kids and then FORGOT he had reloaded it before shooting it at the child.

“No reasonable officer,” the complaint states, “confronting a situation where the need for force is at its lowest, on a playground with elementary age children, would have deployed the Taser in so reckless a manner.”

Dude was suspended for THREE DAYS?!

This lawsuit comes just DAYS after a THREE-YEAR-OLD was accidentally tased by another police officer who was chasing after an alleged parole violator.


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