Walmart Workers Record Themselves Smashing iPads In Store [Video]

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Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

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I think this dude should be PROMOTED!  We’re all so quick to judge.  Perhaps this is not the work of moronic disgruntled employees but, rather, heartfelt financial advice for the holidays.  I mean, the Walmart EMPLOYEE includes this warning with his hands on (then off) demonstration:  “This is why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart.”

Walmart employees, in Pikeville, Kentucky, recorded THEMSELVES straight BUSTING iPads in the back room.  First, one dude HURLS two iPads to another guy who catches them.  The third is intentionally SMASHED on the ground then thrown to another employee who…does not catch it.  A fourth iPad is then thrown and also hits the ground.

These guys actually go DIGGING through carts of merchandise, looking for iPads, just so they can break them!

iPads currently sell at Walmart for $399.  So, if the average Walmart worker makes $8.83 per hour, it would take that Walmart employee 45 hours of work to earn enough money (before taxes) to buy one.  Perhaps that’s why they’re mad?

Walmart has had quite a few issues with its employees lately.  Accusations of union intimidation, sex discrimination, and wage violations, are just a few.  Some workers are even planning a strike on BLACK FRIDAY (gasp!)

These particular pansies just went in the back room and smashed stuff.  They were fired.  Happy Holidays d-bags.

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