Dad Accused of Pushing Baby in Stroller Into Oncoming Traffic [Video]

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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Meet yet another candidate for FATHER OF THE YEAR…

A dad now sits in jail accused of pushing his ONE-YEAR-OLD daughter, in her stroller, into ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!!???  Police said they received several phone calls from horrified witnesses.  According to an officer, “He was angry because he wasn’t fully paid for some work he had done.  “He was pushing the stroller in the middle of the street in front of some oncoming cars.”

Cops say when they found D-bag Daddy, he was was pushing the child in the stroller, and the baby was holding a bottle of SOUR milk.  Police said, “An actual citizen came out with some baby clothes to put over the child because the child’s clothing was dirty and torn and it was getting cold out.”

Of course this a-hole was DRUNK, there was even an empty BEER bottle in the bottom of the stroller!  When he was arrested, police found he had an open warrant for not paying CHILD SUPPORT. (Well duh, he CLEARLY has no interest in the well being of his daughter.)

Luckily the baby wasn’t harmed but I sure hope she has some other family.  Apparently, Baby Mama hasn’t been around for SIX MONTHS.  To whom, exactly, was Dad supposed to be paying support?!

Oh, and I’d check under the HOUSE for Momz…if BD would push his own kid in the street, imagine what he may have done to her mother!



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