Wasted Businessman Tries To Walk Down The Up Escalator and Refuses to Stop [Video]

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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Maybe dude was just getting in his cardio.

A clearly WASTED man, in a suit and carrying a briefcase, was DETERMINED to go down the up escalator.  So much so that he REFUSED to stop his HILARIOUS hamster wheel performance for over TWO MINUTES.

The vid begins with our executive stepping onto the up escalator facing the wrong way.  Immediately someone begins filming.  Holding the rail with one hand, and his coat and case in the other, he attempts to steady himself as the “treadmill” begins.  Drunk as he is, he does a pretty good job of stepping onto each step…he just can’t figure out why he’s not GOING ANYWHERE!  His unsteady footing often pushes him into the side of the lift.

Soon, other people begin coming UP the escalator.  No one really seems bothered by the dude at first as he continues his unrelenting stride to NOWHERE.  As a group of people pass him, one tells him he’s going the wrong way.  For some reason, a red headed woman takes it upon herself to remove him from the escalator…to NO avail.  At one point, she even grabs his arm and tries to lead him off but…he shrugs her off and keeps trying to go down.  The BEST is when she gets on the escalator BEHIND him and they BOTH are now walking the treadmill, single file!!  She eventually gives up.

At one point it actually looks like dude is making a little downward progress but, alas, his exercise in futility continues.

Another guy tries to physically remove him from the escalator but…dude just keeps walking!  They, eventually, had to push the EMERGENCY STOP button!  Hammered Harry then just walked away as if nothing ever happened.

I want what he’s on and I AIN’T talkin’ bout the escalator.

(Daily Mail)

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