Man Sues Wife for Birthing Ugly Baby and Wins [Video]

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Greg Wood/Getty Images

Greg Wood/Getty Images

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If you’re UGLY and you know it…do you have to DISCLOSE it?  Apparently, the answer is YES or…you could be SUED!!!

A man has won $120,000, in COURT, after he sued his WIFE for birthing him an ugly BABY!?

Right after the baby was born, the man accused his wife of CHEATING on him because the child was just too hideous to be his.  After a DNA test proved he was the father…he then decided that the baby is busted solely because of her GENES!!!

Oddly, he may have a point.  Baby Mama admitted, after all of this, that before she met her husband…she had spent $100,000 on PLASTIC SURGERY for her FACE!  (The baby isn’t ugly…Mom’s before picture…)  EXCELLENT cosmetic surgeon though…she really is pretty…now.

Dude said, in court, that he was in LOVE with his “BEAUTIFUL” wife UNTIL they had the baby.  Upon gazing into his infant daughter’s eyes, he became “REPULSED.”

D-bag Daddy has now DIVORCED his wife.

As for why he was awarded all this ugly mug money, the judge agreed that Wifey had gotten him to marry her under “false pretenses.”

I have yet to see a picture of the MAN.  He better freakin’ look like CHANNING TATUM and have a GOLDEN ding ding.  Asstard.

(Sandra Rose)



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