A Gallery of Hilarious Modeling [Photo] Shoot Fails

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

Alli show ALLi ThAt GiRL
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There’s a fine line between AWESOME and AWFUL.  These people were NEVER in danger of crossing into awesome.

To be fair, some of the “MODELS” are quite attractive.  No matter how HOT you are, however, you can’t sell a CHESS set if your demonstration includes ILLEGAL moves.

Poorly placed body parts can also detract from the model’s “message.”  How many women will buy your lingerie if the photo makes it appear as if SHE is sporting a SUGAR STICK?!

Cows MOUNTING one another did not strike me as the ideal background for your fashion shoot.  Nor did the horrendous aftermath of HURRICANE SANDY — allowing the model to then speak, “I LOVE HURRICANES” — really brings it home, though, no?

Tricks wrapped in CRIME SCENE TAPE or splayed, half naked, over a sports car heading right for a BABY should also be rethought.

Awkward poses are also to be avoided.  Unless your ankles are behind your ears, skip the contortions.

One woman has herself strewn inside the CHEESE case at the grocery store.  This did nothing but spoil milk based products for me and lastly…………………….

What’s with the chick in the CEMETERY with the caption, “Modeling SEDUCTIVELY with GRANDPA’S grave.”

Perhaps “freedom of expression” should be more of a privilege than a right.



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