Clown and Cop Brawl in Middle of Street [Video]

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Joe Klamar/Getty Images

Joe Klamar/Getty Images

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Another day another COP caught on video CLOWNING around.

In broad day, on the corner of a busy intersection, a dude peers out of his car window and…thinks he’s driven into the CIRCUS!  He whipped out his phone when saw a clown — straight TACKLE — a police officer.  Rolling around on the ground, the cop manages to get in quite a few PUNCHES to the funny man’s HEAD!

The clown is actually an “activist” who is often seen outside the courthouse in downtown Milwaukee.  On this particular day, Bozo was reportedly chasing cars with a SQUIRT GUN.

When police arrived, they say the clown resisted arrest.  After rolling about for a few minutes, the cop manages to SIT on top off the Ronald McDonald wanna be and gets in a few more shots to his chin.

Back up soon arrives and the clown is placed in cuffs.

I HATE clowns but…this one…I kinda dig.  Check out his BIKE with the enormous stuffed animal holding a balloon.




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