Enormous Hoochie Twerkin to Reggaeton [Video]

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Heeeeeeey, you want some turkey with that STUFFING?!

Where to begin…

Here we have a VERY LARGE, yet confident, trick trying to get her TWERK on to some Reggaeton.

She sets up the camera focused CLOSELY on her BA-DONK-A-CHUNK  (or, maybe it’s FAR AWAY…same view…regardless.)  She’s facing her FAVORITE room in the crib — the kitchen — and has an electric FAN, pulsing hard and fast, behind her.  (This may, in fact, be for safety as well as for reasons of comfort.)

Just a sliver of light, from the miniscule living room window, illuminates the voluptuous rolls of this massive — yet surprisingly limber — creature.

Dressed merely in blue, flowered cargo pants boxer briefs, a powder blue tank top, black wrist bands and a black strapped bra,  Enorma Rotundabutt begins her thunderous performance.

Watch in amazement as she wiggles and jiggles, bends and DROPS to the warped, static-laced beat.  The rhythmic swirls of her expansive pelvis are matched only by the counter-clockwise twirls of her memorizing knee fat.

Turn around you candy coated seductress, I long to see your face.


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