Amazing [Video] Captures Twins Fighting Inside Womb

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MOM!  Tell him to get out of my WOMB!!!

Well, at least this mama-to-be is getting a sneak peek into what being the parent of TWINS is going to be like.

Siblings are often the best of friends, but even best friends fight sometimes.  When those siblings are twins, the fighting starts in the UTERUS!

Taken by a hospital’s cinematic MRI machine, this AMAZING video shows the babies KICKING each other in a quest for more leg room inside their mom’s belly!

The little one on the right DEFINITELY started it!.

Watch as he kicks his little leg out and lands a shot to his bigger brother’s leg!  Big Boy isn’t fazed by the kick at first.  Little Brother then lands a SERIES of kicks, using BOTH feet, as he furiously fights for more room.  Here’s what I thought was really cool – it looks like the baby on the left is TELLING his brother to STOP!  Watch his mouth open and close!  After a few more rapid fire kicks from the tiny twin, the bigger one KICKS BACK.

I’m telling!

(Daily Mail)


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