Dog Adopts Three Abandoned Tiger Cubs and Nurses Them as Her Own [Video]

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China Photos/Getty Images

China Photos/Getty Images

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Watch those enormous TEETH there son!

A dog, at a zoo in Russia, has just become the proud ADOPTIVE mother of three abandoned TIGER cubs!  Left by their mother, shortly after birth, the zoo posted an online ad looking for a surrogate tiger mama.  Instead of a striped female feline filling the maternal void, Tallim — a white Swiss Sheppard — stepped up!

At first, the kitty babies were NOT having it!  Baring their claws and hissing at Tallim, the patient canine won the babies over by lavishing them with attention and playfully nudging them toward her milk makers.  The adorable video shows the tiger tykes climbing all over their new mom, allowing her to bathe them and — most importantly — NURSING!

In Russia, it’s actually quite common for dogs to adopt tiger cubs.  In May, at the same zoo, two abandoned Siberian tiger cubs found a loving mother in a shar-pei pup named Cleopatra.

Listen to the LUNGS on these babies as they snuggle close to their new mama

I WANT ONE!!!!!!


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