DJ Kitty Scratches Bob Marley Track [Video]

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Well, DJs do get the most pussy(cat).

Clearly a BOB MARLEY fan, DJ Kitty — aka Furby — can’t wait wait to get his paws on his record.

The vid begins with DJ Kitty happening upon the already spinning vinyl.  Like most mixers, he’s not interested in just dropping the title track on the album.  So, with one quick swipe, DJ Kitty gets the PARTY started!

He skips not once, but twice, to the perfect song.  After making his selection, the cool cat begins to get his SCRATCH on!  He LITERALLY starts moving the record back and forth with his paw!

Still not satisfied with the sound, DJ Kitty then uses BOTH paws to speed up and slow down the song!

After his set, like all the WiLD BOMB SQUAD mixers, he lets loose!  DJ Kitty jumps ON TOP of the record and SPINS around and around and around.

20 bucks says once the party was over, DJ Kitty popped a milk bottle and smashed the pretty lil Persian who was licking herself in the booth all night!


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