Here’s How Cops Determine If You’re Driving Stoned [Video]

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Since the GOOD people of Washington voted to legalize MARIJUANA, the cops have had to create a new roadside SOBRIETY test.

Since weed is not YET legal here in FLORIDA…and you’d NEVER smoke and drive…just consider this information education for the FUTURE!

Specially trained officers, called Drug Recognition Experts (DREs), ALREADY exist here, in the Sunshine State, as well as throughout the nation.

They’re only job — to determine if someone is HIGH!

Currently, there aren’t any devices…like a breathalyzer…to detect pot so — if you fail the DRE’s roadside test — they haul you into the station for additional testing like blood level results for THC.

Pending those results, the driver could then be charged with DUI.

In this video, a DRE officer takes you through EXACTLY what they look for in STONED drivers…



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