Idiot Tries to Pull Over Cop For Not Wearing Seatbelt [Video]

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

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“Sick of the double standards,” a Michigan man tried to pull over a COP –for not wearing his seatbelt — and the video is pure COMEDY!

Dude gets right up next to the officer and starts SCREAMING, ” You are required by law to wear your seatbelt, put your damn seatbelt on!  Pull it over!  Pull your ass over!  Pull your damn vehicle over, you understand me now?!

Officer Wannabe says that when the light turned green, the officer took off at a high rate of speed.  He could see it was a K9 unit and so…he was concerned for the DOG???!

The cop just starts LAUGHING.

The psycho citizen says he did, in fact, have a PLAN for when the officer pulled over.  He was going to speak with the officer, express his concern for the dog, tell him to put on his seatbelt and, if he refused, he would call the POLICE and have him ticketed.

Instead, HE was cited for RECKLESS DRIVING and could spend 93 DAYS in jail!

Solid plan.


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