Easily Scared Employee is Continuously Pranked By Co Workers [Video]

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(Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

(Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

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I SO wish this dude worked HERE!!!!

Basse Andersen is VERY easily startled!  So much so, that the TINIEST noise or movement can send this grown-ass man DIVING onto the floor SCREAMING like a freak!!!

This brings great — and NON-STOP — joy to his jack-ass co-workers!  As one employee put it, Basse is “continuously TORTURED by the ENTIRE company.”  Luckily, Basse tends to burst into HYSTERICS after each evil incident.

Basse is so BOSS, at being the butt of everyone’s jokes, that his co-workers  WON an expensive digital camera after entering one of their “horror movies” in a contest!  Basse, got NOTHING.

To prove that Basse really is the PANSY he portrays on video, documentary makers followed him around the office one day and — just by yelling “BOO” — caused Basse to break down in terror.


(Daily Mail)



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