10 Hilarious Letters to Santa

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(Photo: MARCUS BRANDT/Getty Images)

(Photo: MARCUS BRANDT/Getty Images)

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I am SO missing out being Jewish.  I had NO IDEA you can write a letter to SANTA and ask him for ANYTHING!!!!


After HOWLING over these HILARIOUS LETTERS TO SANTA I’ve decided to pen my own wish list for St. Nick:

Dear Santa,

You don’t really know me but I’ve been very NAUGHTY this year!  According to the other letters I’ve read, that people have sent you, it seems I really can ask you for ANYTHING so…here goes:

Please bring me HAIR that is long, shiny, wavy and PERFECT.  Make sure it NEVER frizzes and ALWAYS looks healthy and luxurious.  I’d also like to be able to EAT anything/everything I want and never gain a pound, (in fact, eating CHOCOLATE should cause me to LOSE weight.)  Pay off ALL of my credit card debt, my mortgage, my car and deposit a cool MIL into my bank account.  Make KUSH legal and HATERS illegal.  I want to do my show from my BED and have 24 UNSUPERVISED hours alone with CHANNING TATUM.

Well, I guess that’s it Big Boy.  Say hi to Wifey and the moose who pull your tractor.



PS:  Drop off a few of those elves to clean my crib will ya?


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