21 Things to Never Try – Ever [Photos]

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STR/Getty Images

STR/Getty Images

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You are WELL aware that I subscribe to the theory of NATURAL SELECTION.

This is why I’m far more AMUSED — than horrified — at the sheer DEADLINESS of these people’s ignorance.  Except for the NINNIES who put CHILDREN in danger — that ain’t cool — and a LAWN chair, tied to the back of your BIKE, does not a safety seat make.

I mean, if you are truly challenged enough — to feel the BEST solution —  for transporting a MATTRESS is to balance it on the bed of your truck and then RIDE it down the Interstate…then I say, bravo!

If you wish to kill two Bubbas birds with one stone, why should you not submerge your FEET in muddy water whilst working on your trailer’s ELECTRICITY?  That’s a pedicure AND a happy ending.

And who the hell do I think I am to even suggest you buy the appropriate height ladder, for the chore at hand, instead of encouraging to you MOUNT the three foot ladder — now mounted on your “special” half-cousin from Kentucky — to climb atop THAT in order to retrieve your pet opossum from the TV antenna?

Climbing the SAME tree — you’re cutting down with a CHAINSAW — really does seem like a time saver.


(The Chive)

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