Wasted Florida Dude Goes Nuts in Cop Car Begs for Mommy [Video]

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Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

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Damn dawg, how you gonna go from being “gangsta” and KICKING a COP in the FACE to “grade school,” straight SCREAMING for your MOMMY all in the same cop car CONNIPTION?!

So dude, in Altamonte Springs, hits the club and gets WASTED Sunday night.  Cops are called when homeboy slips into an uncontrollable VIOLENT rage at the bar.  It takes officers SEVERAL minutes to wrestle Gomer into the squad car but they do and the camera is rolling.

15 minutes later, after this freak show has FRACTURED an officer’s nose…by kicking him in the face…cops TASE him in an attempt to get him to chill.  It works — for about 15 SECONDS.

He then SLAMS his head into the backseat barrier REPEATEDLY.

Immediately, guy goes right back to screaming, kicking, SPITTING and crying.  He even threatens to KILL the officers taking him to jail.  This goes on for 35 minutes.

The crowing moment comes, however, when this grown-ass, drooling, bawling, BALDING bone-head starts BEGGING for his MOTHER,  “I want my mom!  I want my mom!”

I want his NUMBER!  That is HUSBAND material right there.







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