Fury Over [Video] of Seven Year Old Driving Father’s BMW

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Look, the sooner my kid can drive, the sooner she can pick me up from Club Skye!

But seriously, WTF?

I vividly remember my dad putting me on his lap, when I was six, and allowing me to “steer” the car.  We were in a PARKING LOT however, and NEVER were we LAUGHING!

Check this video of a seven-year-old straight DRIVING her daddy’s powerful BMW.  Granted, she is on her mom’s lap but…they are FOLLOWING her brother — who is on FOOT — and they kid keeps saying, “Mom, just GO!”

Once the child discovers the horn, the entire family (Dad is filming) erupts into HYSTERICS.  She keeps honking the horn and laughing while “controlling” the direction of the vehicle all on her own.

At first, they seem to just be in their neighborhood but soon, they come to an intersection.  The kid WAVES and says, “hey there” as other cars whiz by.  The parents are quite amused.

The mini-motorist does use her turn signal, but then can barely turn the corner.  Her parents just keep yelling, “straight, straight” but offer NO assistance.

She almost side-swipes a parked car but still, her parents do nothing.  At one point her mom shrieks, “Trudy!” as she almost loses control.  Young Trudy says, “sorry” then proclaims she doesn’t need any help at all.  Her parents agree.  She then parks the car in the driveway.

Some people think it’s cool but…the cops are now studying the footage.

Hey let her drive, she did better than MOST of the people driving on 4th Street in Da Burg!




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