Man Tracks Down Dude Who Stole His iPhone and Beats Him Up [Video]

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Wanna beat down the dude who stole your iPhone?  There’s an APP for that!

When a dude’s iPhone went missing, at a Reggae show, he decided to use an app to get it back.  Using the Find My iPhone app, the San Diego man was able to keep tabs on his phone while he searched for it.

He first saw the phone just chillin’ at a bike shop but then, the phone began to move.  The owner assumed someone was attempting to sell it near the beach.

Eventually, the app led the man to the beach where he began to follow a guy riding a bicycle.  Every time the dude on the bike would stop moving, dude’s phone would stop too!

The thief managed to escape the man’s pursuit THREE times before he, and a friend, backed the guy with the phone up to the water and called the police.

The ensuing altercation lasted 18 MINUTES — and turned VIOLENT — when the thief HIT the iPhone owner while holding a ROCK in his hand!

The fight continued until the owner of the phone managed to get the thief to the sand and held him there.  It was then that the thief asked dude, “Do you want your cellphone?”  and pulled it out of his pocket!  The owner managed to PEPPER SPRAY the thief but assumes he was on DRUGS as it had NO effect.

Cops arrested the robber and the vigilante was reunited with his phone.

HELLZ YEA!!!!!!!!


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