Fast Food Staff Freaks Over Hysterical Drive Thru Prank [Video]

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Jim Skinner/Getty Images

Jim Skinner/Getty Images

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While it’s clear that this dude has NO life whatsoever…his PRANK is EPIC!

An illusionist, who goes by the name Magic of Rahat, seriously SPOOKED the drive thru employees of various fast food joints!  He created a costume made to look like his CAR SEAT —  when he’s actually in the ride — it looks absolutely AUTHENTIC!!!

After ordering food, the car seems to pull up to the window with NO ONE driving!!!

The worker’s reactions are pure GOLD!!!

Most of them are FREAKED beyond belief and REFUSE to even stand by the window.  They all call over other employees and NO ONE can believe what they are seeing.

Some even think a GHOST is driving!!!  One girl just WALKS AWAY from the register…CRYING!

Another girl, looking quite spooked, eventually just yells, “REALLY?!  Are you serious?”  Then the car DRIVES AWAY.

My fav is the woman who just casually looks at the car and says, “Am I trippin’ son?”  Another employee then snaps a pic and the first girl says, “Instagram that joint!”

Check the dude who just repeatedly opens and closes the window as if he’ll CATCH someone in the car.

At the last drive thru, the empty car SPEAKS and says, “Just throw it in here, I’m a ghost.”  So, the chick straight CHUCKS the bag of food in the window and the car drives away.

Pure prank PERFECTION.

(The Sun)

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