Chick Does Incredible Pole Dance to Ludacris ‘Representin’ [Video]

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Leon Neal/Getty Images

Leon Neal/Getty Images

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If you still don’t think that POLE DANCING is a SPORT…then you MUST watch this video!

Straight workin’ the pole, to LUDACRIS’ hot joint Representin’, this dancer is truly INCREDIBLE.

Watch as the brunette beauty, with insane strength and athleticism, KILLS it on stage!

Defying gravity, she makes the moves look EASY!  Hanging from one leg, holding herself out from the pole with one arm and…she does this wavy thing with her legs that left my jaw hanging open.

Oh, and I can’t even begin to describe how FLEXIBLE this female is!!!

This woman, somehow, manages to do a SPLIT — upside down — in MID AIR — and then slides down the pole, still in the split, using only her arms!

At one point, she grabs the pole backwards and WALKS down the AIR!  I’m telling you…you won’t believe it unless you watch it!

Pure skill.

***Explicit Lyrics***





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