Local News Reports on The Death of DJ Trauma [Video]

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Photo courtesy of Greg Wolf

Photo courtesy of Greg Wolf

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It was 10:56 am, on Saturday January 11, 2013, when an anonymous “Seravalli family friend” called the WiLD 94.1 studio to inform me that MY DJ, my partner in crime, my WiLD boy, my friend — DJ Trauma — had passed away.

I frantically attempted to verify this unfathomable news.  Facebook – nothing, Google – nothing, Arizona newspapers – nothing.

I jumped on Trauma’s Facebook and wrote that “Someone had said something HORRIBLE about you homie!  Hit me back ASAP.  If you know Trauma, please have him call me or WiLD 94.1 right away.”

That call never came.

The only person I told was, my baby daddy, DJ Rhinestone.  Clearly this was just some CRUEL prank and I wasn’t about to put the rest of the WiLD fam through the BS since there was nothing to tell me that Trauma, truly, had died.

Until Sunday night.

That’s when DJ Coz called.  My heart sank as soon as I saw his name on my phone.  “Hello?”  I said.  [Sigh] “I’m calling with bad news…”  Coz said.  I asked, “It this about Trauma?”  Coz sighed again…his voice breaking…”yes.”

Life hasn’t been the same since.

Today, on my show, I’m going to play some clips of Trauma, and me, on the air — as we were for over TEN YEARS — and I’ll kick off the 5 O’Clock Bomb with one of our original intros.

The Bay is mourning a truly talented DJ.   WiLD is mourning a friend.  I am mourning my brother.

Thank you to all for the kind words, cards, gifts, texts, posts, Tweets and hugs — they really do help.

Currently, I’m putting together sound bites, pictures, reviews and everything else I can find so that I might, one day, present these things to Trauma’s little princess — five-year-old Bella.  She WILL know how much her Daddy was loved, by this entire town, and beyond.



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