Four-Year-Old Leaves Routine Dental Visit With A Silver Crown on Every Tooth [Video]

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Spencer Chrome/Getty Images

Spencer Chrome/Getty Images

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Dayum, why you complaining?!  Your dental co-pay just bought your FOUR-YEAR-OLD a GRILL!?

A mother took her young daughter to the dentist for a routine visit.  She stayed with the girl, until she was sedated, then returned to the waiting room.  What she saw, when her daughter awoke from the sedation at home, was SHOCKING!  So much so, that she first thought the dentist had made a MISTAKE…

During little Savannah’s exam, the dentist discovered that the child had four cavities.  Her mother consented to have them filled.  Mom took the kid home, after the procedure, to let her sleep it off.  Later, when she looked in Savannah’s mouth, she found that the dentist had put a SILVER CROWN on every single one of her teeth!!!!???

Poor Savannah, along with her parents, were “MORTIFIED!”  Mom says, daily, Savannah would say, “Mommy, I don’t like my teeth.”  And it was heartbreaking.

Savannah’s parents, not getting answers from the dentist, asked their local news to investigate.  A leader, in pediatric dentistry who did not treat Savannah, agreed that the caps were necessary, to save Savannah’s decaying teeth, but added that MOST dentists would have added a white veneer over the metal — even if the patient couldn’t AFFORD it — because CHILDREN are especially sensitive about the way they look.

After the story ran on the news, another dentist gave Savannah white veneers FREE of charge!

Call me crazy but…I actually BRUSH my child’s teeth…I will, however, take a free GRILL for my own self.

(Daily Mail)



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