MJ vs. Bubba = “Rich People Problems” Tampa’s Fox 13 Asks Orlando Davis “Why”?

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WTVT- Tampa’s Fox 13 asked what WiLD Program Director and morning host, Orlando, thought of the pissing match between two of Tampa’s older DJ’s. Apparently there was a belief that this “lawsuit” would effect how radio is done in the market. You can see, some of Orlando’s responses in the attatched video, but we decided to get answers, as well.

Orlando says “this is summed up as [rich people problems], with the supposed amount being $15,000 but 13 lawyers on both sides, it’s more [who’s is bigger than who’s?]”

Orlando elaborated for WiLD941.com saying, “this is what you end up with when the most unintelligent people, in the studio, do the talking”. Orlando continued “At CBS Radio, we have the power to say what we want, content isn’t dictated, but the responsibility ALSO rests on our shoulders to protect the show, the brand and company from backlash due to loose (or lame) comments”.

When asked, in his opinion, if this legal battle would change radio, Orlando replied; “Please! There *mine is bigger than yours* battle means nothing to people who don’t do Crock Radio. We think he meant “Shock Radio, but we won’t correct him. Well O., do you think it’ll change Bubba’s show? “Bubba can’t afford to change. He needs to ride this carney act of his til the rest of his wheels fall off. You can’t make a rabid dog stop snarling and foaming at the mouth. Those animals never alter thank behavior. Plus you’d have to assume he has the ability to learn. Negative!”

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