Fireman Knocked Down Ladder By Snow Gets Back Up to Rescue Baby [Video]

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NOTHING will stop this HERO from rescuing a trapped BABY!!!

A mother and baby were TRAPPED, on the FIFTH floor, of a burning building in Russia.  A brave firefighter ascends the ladder, to rescue them, when — at the TOP — he’s knocked backwards by a HUGE chunk of snow that was hanging from the roof of the building!

Amazingly, he manages to grab hold of the ladder — as he’s falling down it — and stop himself!

Another firefighter climbs the ladder, to aid his fallen colleague, but dude refuses to come down!  Instead, he gets back up and heads UP towards the baby!

Another fireman is able to reach the top of the ladder and pulls the baby to safety!

The snow actually proved more DANGEROUS than the fire!

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured!

Well done, sir!!

(Daily Mail)

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