Fire Crew Called to Rescue Wasted Mom Stuck In Kid’s High Chair [Video]

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Aura/Getty Images

Aura/Getty Images

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Shuuuuut uuuuup!  No, seriously, stop laughing!  I can, I can, I can fit in Tyler’s high chair!  No for real, watch, I’m – just – gonna – squeeeeeeze – in -the – seat – and – oh crap.  Yep, I’m stuck.  Shut up, stop laughing…

A 31-year-old mom of three, and her friend, managed to polish off two bottles of wine during a recent girl’s night in without the kids.

Clearly a light weight — in regard to drinking — Mom got HAMMERED — on a mere ONE bottle of wine — and proceeded to jam herself into her son’s HIGH CHAIR!

After, I imagine, her 27-year-old buddy was able to recover from the HILARITY, the two struggled for over an HOUR to free Mama Willy from the toddler seat, to no avail.

Mom even took a break, from the attempted girth birthing, to smoke a cigarette.

Finally, they called the FIRE DEPARTMENT.

Mom said she was “MORTIFIED” when the fire studs arrived because she was only wearing a robe!  Luckily, she said, part of the chair was hiding her face!

Mom’s pal was KIND enough to record her friend’s finest moment on her phone.

Sadly, the high chair didn’t make it.  Mom says she’ll wait until the boy is a bit older to break the news.


(The Sun)

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