Hilarious [Video] of Segway Fails

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Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

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SEGWAY – a SELF-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels; can operate in ANY level pedestrian environment. (worldnetweb.com)

Yea…not so much.

Check this hysterically embarrassing video, set to Chamillionaire’s – Ridin’ Dirty, that proves that mastering the Segway is NO easy feat!

Young or old, male or female, athletic or enormous — it seems NO ONE can keep this thing upright!

Some people attempt to tread lightly and still manage to bust ass.  Others, think they really got some Segway skillz and are SLAMMED back to reality.

Smashing into cars, buildings, columns, the list is endless and the laughs are epic.

Many of these people are actually RUN OVER by their Segway AFTER they fall off of it.

These things are DANGEROUS!

But really…DUH.   The INVENTOR of the Segway…DIED on his Segway!!!

(Daily Mail)

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