Woman Follows Couple Who Stole Her Jet Skis and Beats Them Down [Video]

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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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I am SO happy that d-bag THIEVES are finally getting what they DESERVE from the people they RIP OFF!

Robin, a self proclaimed “older woman,” was recently forced to move into a homeless shelter after losing her job.  Her late parents, however, had given her an SUV, and two jet skis, that she refused to give up.

Monday, Robin freaked when she found that the trailer — and two jet skis — had gone MISSING!  She noticed, however, that a trail of water — from recent rain — led away from where the trailer had been parked.  So, Robin jumped in her SUV and followed the trail half a mile down the road to a gas station.  There, were Robin’s jet skis — attached to a TRUCK — with a man and woman nearby!!!  As soon as dude saw Robin he immediately tried to drive off but…Robin was NOT havin’ it!!!

Robin says, “I just went crazy,” and began FIGHTING both people as they tried to drive away!  Robin claims she’s NOT a fighter but did manage to rip a bunch of stuff out of the couple’s truck.  All she wanted to do was remove the keys from the ignition but the couple fought back.  Robin didn’t care.  She kicked and punched the MAN so much he finally said, “OK OK, we’ll unhook them!”

After detaching the skis from the truck, Robin tried to keep the losers there, while the clerk called 911, but they got away.  Not with Robin’s skis though.

She says, “It’s a joke in the shelter, ha ha, they call me Robin BALBOA.”



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