11-Year-Old Given Marijuana to Control Autistic Rage [Video]

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Romeo Gacad/Getty Images

Romeo Gacad/Getty Images

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There’s a reason you’ve never heard the phrase “Violent STONER!”

A family, in Oregon, has begun treating their 11-year-old son, Alex, with medicinal marijuana to control the self-directed rage he experiences as a result of his autism.  The results are nothing short of AMAZING!

Alex suffers from a disorder that causes growths on his brain.  This condition also causes the child to have seizures and, according to his doctors, is also responsible for his autism.  Alex, who can not communicate with words, often becomes frustrated and hurts himself…badly.  He SLAMS his head into anything he can, slaps and punches himself and is often left with bloody bruises and cuts all over his face.  To protect Alex — from his DAILY, violent outbursts — his parents tried everything, from having Alex wear a helmet to swaddling him like a baby.

His parents, fearing for his safety, finally made the very difficult decision to place Alex in a state run group home when he was eight-years-old.

At their wits end, and willing to try ANYTHING to help their son, Alex’s parents began treating Alex with medicinal MARIJUANA.

It’s like looking at a DIFFERENT child!  Alex’s parents can not even believe that they have their SMILING, happy boy back!!!

The American Academy of Pediatrics is AGAINST medical marijuana use, in children, but Alex’s parents say — walk a mile in their shoes — and the treatment might not seem so extreme.




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