Mom Holds Down Toddler and Makes Him Get Tattoo [Video]

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Our newest contender — for MOTHER OF THE YEAR — is this TWISTED trick who held down her THREE-YEAR-OLD son and made him get a TATTOO!

As the kid SCREAMS in AGONY and tries to ESCAPE, Mom PINS the kid to her chest, and yells “Mire Mire” (“look” in Spanish.)

Hard core music BLASTS in the background as the little boy is FORCED to undergo the permanent marking.

And what the hell is up with the dude doing the tat?  What kind of MONSTER would do that?!

You never get to see the finished product…my guess…it says CALL D.C.F. immediately.

If you happen to RECOGNIZE Mommy Dearest, turn her in here:  0207 782 4104 or email

(The Sun)

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