Four Guys Rap Their Entire Order at Wendy’s Drive Thru and Get it For Free [Video]

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Will RAP for food!

College freshman “Mr. B”, and three of his buddies, were hungry for some Wendy’s.  When they pulled through the drive thru, the girl working the register got herself a FROSTY treat — in the form of a COLD ass rap — as the guys placed their order.

According to reports, this was NOT planned or rehearsed.

Mr. B rolls up to the speaker and the bass line begins.  B looks back at his boyz and asks what they want.  They all start speaking at once, and B manages to catch it all.  He then turns to the speaker and begins to spit, “Aiight, excuse me, yo I want a number two, a double with cheese, not the combo though, just the sandwich please.”

After ordering the sandwich, the music cuts off and B turns, once again to his friends, and asks what they want to drink.  Again, they all start yelling things at once and B returns to the mic speaker to rap the order.

B even orders a QUARTER POUNDER at Wendy’s but the employee doesn’t even care!!!

After he finishes, the Wendy’s girl RAPS his order back to him!!!

They pull up to the window and the lady tells them to pull over as they are getting their order ready.

She then brings out all the food — which she managed to get COMPLETELY RIGHT — and gives it to them for FREE!

The guys are then shown eating from afar, while sitting on a curb on the street, and they pretend to get in an argument.  B even dumps his fries all over one of his boys.

They definitely earned their meal!!!

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