Insane Beat Boxer [Video]

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

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Good lawd the things this man can do with his mouth!!!

No idea who this dude is.

He’s FRENCH I can tell you that.

I can also tell you that he possesses INSANE beat boxing skills!

Watch ya boy, with an electronic metronome, go through FOUR different SPEEDS as he spits.

Each time, he sets the beat faster and each time he totally OBLITERATES it.

The last one, he’s going so fast, he actually looks BLURRY!

Ya know, I’ve been meaning to expand my dating pool to the INTERNATIONAL level.

And, since I did take four years of French in HIGH SCHOOL…

Salut homme sexy avec la langue d’or. Comment se porte sur une partie de ce stateside saveur? Je pense que toi et moi puissions buste battements beaux ensemble. Appelle-moi.



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