Hundreds of Bikers Shut Down Freeway For Marriage Proposal [Video]

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Apparently, SHUTTING DOWN THE FREEWAY is the new flash mob.

Earlier this week, four dudes decided that afternoon rush would be the perfect time to block traffic so they could do some DONUTS!

Today, watch as a BIKER GANG completely shut down California’s I-10 so one dude could propose to his girl!!!

Only some of the crew knew that 24-year-old Hector Martinez had marriage on his mind when HUNDREDS of bikers halted afternoon traffic along the highway.  Hector kicked off the freeway festivities by spinning his back tire creating a custom plume of PINK SMOKE.  Hector then jumped off his bike, ditched his helmet and dropped to one knee in front of 24-year-old Paige Hernandez.

Paige, still wearing her helmet and completely caught off guard, covered her face with her hands before accepting.  That’s when the rest of the Subliminal 710 Bikerz started cheering, popping wheelies and doing donuts in celebration.

Families, on both sides, watched and filmed from an overpass.

The California Highway Patrol is less stoked, about the impeding nuptials, and is considering slapping the groom-to-be with FELONY charges.

WHO CARES?!  How many chicks can say their man’s proposal STOPPED TRAFFIC?  So you get married at the jail — there’s always conjugal visits!

(NY Daily News)

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