Preschool Closing Over Sex Scandal Involving Four and Five-Year-Old Kids [Video]

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Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

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A PRESCHOOL is now closing amidst allegations of — SEXUAL activity — between FOUR and FIVE-year-old kids!!!

One parent claims that his four-year-old son received ORAL SEX from a five-year-old girl at school!  “He told me about all the bad things that girl had been doing to him,” Richard McCarthy said.  “It went down in the classroom, it went down in the bathroom and it went down out on the playground.” (We’ll let Pop’s poor choice of words slide on this one.)

Choking back tears, McCarthy now labels his OWN son a “predator” because — he’s trying to recreate “that feeling” — and so he can’t just enroll him in another school at this time.

At least one other boy, at the CHURCH run school, says he also received oral sex from the same little girl.

The California Department of Social Services cited the school for at least one sexual incident between the children, overall lack of supervision (duh-der) and an improper teacher-child ratio.

McCarthy is now joining other parents in a law suit against the church and the school.

Some parents are merely angry that they were only given two-weeks notice that the school was shutting down.  WHAT?!  If I found out kids were gettin’ DAT BECKY, at my daughter’s school, I would have shut it down MYSELF!!!

The school, however, says that they are closing simply because the director is leaving — for personal reasons — and no teacher wants the job…NOT because they are running a baby BROTHEL.  They, also, INSIST there were ONLY two incidents involving inappropriate touching, amongst the kids, and those cases are now closed.  (Oh, only TWO incidences of kids molesting one another – I’m so sorry I overreacted???!!!!!)  McCarthy says all of this is “a lie.”

Also, is no one looking into WHY a five-year-old even knows what ORAL SEX is?!  $20 says that little girl is being ABUSED.


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