Dollar Store Clerk Beats Eight-Year-Old 25 Times With Belt [Video]

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Misty Bedwell/Getty Images

Misty Bedwell/Getty Images

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Now see, THIS is the kind of dumb-assery that would make THIS mom catch some CHARGES!!!

A 39-year-old clerk, at a Dollar General store in Georgia, is now in JAIL after she took it upon herself to WHIP an eight-year-old boy — who is NOT her son — 25 TIMES, on the BACK, with a BELT because he threw a COOKIE at her.

Police responded to the home, of eight-year-old Logan Ivey, after his father called to report that a clerk had beaten his son inside the store.  Dad wasn’t at the store at the time, Logan’s mother and sister were but didn’t witness the attack.

Surveillance video, which hasn’t been released, captured the beating.  The footage, however, was severe enough that the police are planning to upgrade the original charge from simple battery to AGGRAVATED ASSAULT!

The little boy claims he was running around the store when the clerk, Emilia Graciela Bell, stopped him in an aisle and called him a “DEMON”.  Logan, being an EIGHT-year-old boy, responded with, “I’ll show you bad” before winging a cookie at Bell. (LOL)

It was then that Bell, allegedly, chased Logan behind the counter and beat him with her belt — on the back — at least 25 times.

Logan said, “It felt like five needles were sticking in me.  I was screaming, ‘Momma.'”

Logan’s dad, (who has exercised AMAZING restraint in my opinion), says he wishes everyone could see the video because it shows how many times the clerk hit him and how bad it was.

(Huff Post)

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