Five-Year-Olds Duke It Out In MMA Cage Fight [Video]

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Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

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Kindergarten BULLIES beware!!!!

It is estimated that 3.2 MILLION kids, under the age of 13, now participate in Mixed Martial Arts CAGE FIGHTING!

Ready to see two little guys, who can barely tie their shoes, KICK, PUNCH and SLAM each other in the OCTAGON?!

The only thing that really got me though, is that they’re NOT wearing head gear!!!???

Listen to little Aidan explain that he likes youth MMA because he can defend himself.  He also says his best move is the guillotine, because he gets to CHOKE people!

When Aidan’s mom was asked why she allows her son to participate in such a “dangerous” sport, she explains that no sport is exempt from injury and that Aidan likes MMA, is good at it and excels in it.

Mom also states that these kids are trained in this sport, that they know this isn’t something to do outside of the gym.  She says she’s never had any trouble with Aidan at school or on the playground.

Aidan’s mom also likes that MMA is teaching her son discipline, courage, good sportsman and respect.  Positive qualities he’ll take with him throughout his life.

I totally get it.

I’m just glad that my child is a PRINCESS.

Haidyn rocks BALLET slippers and thinks the only thing that should be in a cage is a canary!


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