Florida Police Officers Caught On [Video] Ignoring 911 Calls

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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So my five-month-old son isn’t BREATHING…you go ahead and finish your COFFEE, officer.

The Miami Dade Police Department is in the midst of dealing with the WORST incidences — of officer delinquency — in the history of the department!  Thus far a sergeant and two officers have been FIRED, while three other officers have been suspended without pay for IGNORING 911 calls!!!

An entire SQUAD of cops, assigned to patrol a large area of Kendall, FL, have been secretly followed and recorded by internal affairs since 2010, after it became obvious that many of them were choosing NOT to answer dispatched calls!

One of the fired officers, Dario Socarras, is accused of ignoring ARMED robbery and residential burglary calls so he could MAKE OUT with his girl in the mall parking lot!!!  Officers, stationed ACROSS TOWN, were sent to cover Socarras’ calls while he hooked up with his honey behind the Foot Locker.

Officer Asstard also misled a crime VICTIM into thinking he was going to fill out a report about stolen items but, instead, told dispatch that NO crime had occurred!!!  He even gave the victim a FAKE case number!!!

Total internal violations revealed by this investigation:  134

A sergeant, Jennifer Gonzales, was fired after video showed her SHOPPING while on duty.  The footage even shows a store clerk loading items into her SQUAD CAR.  Gonzales is also accused of spending HOURS visiting her parents when she should have been on patrol or supervising other officers.

Officer Jose Huerta was fired after he allegedly claimed to be responding to another call, thus leaving a five-year-old CHILD locked in a car.

The worst incident, however, involves all three of these d-bags!  Socarras told dispatch he was “en route” to a medical emergency call, involving a FIVE-MONTH-OLD who was not breathing, when instead he was drinking COFFEE with Gonzales and Huerta!!!

These morons are actually going through the process of trying to get their JOBS back.  Hey…we’ll call you.


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