Wasted Sisters Twerking in Florida Jail and One Pees Her Pants [Video]

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Miami Police Department

Miami Police Department

Alli show ALLi ThAt GiRL
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They may only be tourists, but these WASTED sisters are FLORIDA classy already!!!

Two sisters, visiting Miami from Canada, are claiming they were TAUNTED into TWERKING at the POLICE STATION — so much so — that one of them PEED her pants?!

The 20 and 24-year-old sisters were arrested for being HAMMERED and resisting arrest outside the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  Immediately, the chicks claimed the cops used excessive force.  One of the girls, when recounting their arrest, says of her sister’s treatment, “He dragged her to his cop car, threw her against the car and told her, ‘you are in my playground now bitch.'”  They claim the “abuse” continued throughout their 11 HOURS in jail, prompting them to file a complaint against two officers.  “They were all making fun of us, calling us fat, so we got up and danced to show them that we didn’t give a sh*t.”

Clearly, THAT is not what they gave.

The video shows the sisters attempting to TWERK, in the holding room at the jail, until one of them PEES on herself!  The leaky trick then WIPES her potty pants on MULTIPLE chairs in the room!

According to the police chief, “We actually had to call a decontamination contractor to decontaminate the room.”

After appearing in front of a judge, each of the girls was fined $250 and ordered to do 25 hours of community service upon their return to Canada.

One of the sisters said, “I don’t think you should be a cop if you can’t handle women.”

Shaking your booty and peeing your pants?  Sounds more like TODDLER handling skills are in order.

(Huff Post)

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